The Respondent Gold Ring






This ring is a creative collaboration between Proclamation Jewelry and the entire Respondent movement. Playing into the pirate theme and paying homage to the epic adventures of Pirates of the Carribean, you will find the backdrop to the top canvas is the golden Aztec medallion. Gracing the skull’s forehead is the Respondent broken heart logo. On one side is the pirate flag emoji and the hashtag “TheCode, which has become a symbol used widely by the movement. The other side of the ring is adorned by the “Children Parents United” logo. A single brilliant diamond is set in the eye of the skull - a representation of a father/parent’s greatest aim, focus, and treasure, and those whom we should never “take our eye off” during any effort to advance a normal family dynamic. Ropes are nautical in nature but also symbolize a strong bond that binds us together, such as a father does for a family. The swords are a symbol of strength, resilience, and for fighting for equality against injustice. Finally, Greg has called upon an “armada of trustworthy organizations, experts, and change agents to come aboard the ‘Partner Ship’ which is personified by the grand ship inside the ring.

25.4mm in Diameter (1 inch)
Height of the top: 10mm (0.40 inches)
Width of side of ring half way down: 12.7mm (½ inch)
Width of bottom of ring band: 7mm (0.28 inch)

Solid 18 karat Gold Ring: 51 grams (1.63 ounces)
Round Brilliant Cut Deep Red Rubies 0.30 carats
VVS Clarity Colorless Diamond 0.030 carats

100% Made in the USA