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A published author, tv director, Annie Award nominated voice artist and Emmy Award® nominated actor, Greg has appeared in Oscar winning movies, directed Hollywood super-stars, produced and written television shows and commercials, performed lead roles on Broadway, voiced cartoon characters for movies, tv series, cartoons, and over 100 video games and toys.

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Exposing The Cartel ofFamily Law

Today the Divorce Courts and the parasitic lawyers populating them, have unleashed a crisis of fatherhood in America. 1 in 3 children live without their biological father in the home, with 40 percent having not seen their dad for more than a year. A million marriages a year end in these courts, with children caught in the cross hairs.

Hollywood Insider Greg Ellis Sounds Alarm on America's Fatherless Crisis.

Greg calls out all the co-conspirators— exposing ugly truths to corrode the corrupt, gender-biased, $60 billion-a-year American Divorce Machine more focused on keeping money flowing than on the best interests of our children, revealing it as an organized syndicate that pits one parent against the other, rewards toxic abuse, and destroys families in plain sight.