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Episode 63: Todd Lander

Todd M. Lander is a highly successful trial and appellate lawyer with widespread experience in complex business and intellectual property disputes. Todd represents both plaintiffs and defendants, and his practice has comprised an array of business and real estate disputes, shareholder and partnership litigation, environmental claims, and copyright and trademark infringement. Todd has specifically tried cases in both the state and federal courts, in California and around the country, and his appellate experience has likewise entailed numerous appearances before the California and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeal. Todd was previously the Chairman of the Litigation Department at Freeman, Freeman Smiley LLP, in Los Angeles.

In this episode, we chat about Todd’s career as an attorney, the presumption of innocence missing from family law, the Depp v. Heard trial, the ongoing Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt dispute, and more! “Everybody commits violence, but the sense that they [black men] were predominantly responsible for crime in America resulted in a huge amount of devastation to the black community, because of the war on drugs and all the rest of it. Right now the face of violence in America is young, white, men with guns. You cannot have that as the psychological imprint in the minds of the public of what constitutes violence and not have that permeate all aspects of our society, including the courts, and including family law. Everybody walks into that courtroom with their pride and their prejudices. And right now I think that's a factor in some of the public perception of how these issues are navigated in the courts.” - Todd Lander