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The Respondent
Episode 18: Molly Olson

Greg and Molly discuss activism within family law, parental alienation, false allegations of domestic violence – and specifically the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case – and the ongoing fight to reform policies that separate children from a loving parent, more often than not fathers.

Greg also explains the Six Silver Bullet strategy employed by many female petitioners in family law that has become the goto playbook for spouses who perpetrate the victimhood narrative of DV false allegations.

Molly K Olson has been a fearless advocate for families, fathers & children for over twenty years, fighting tenaciously to expose the corruption in divorce courts and taking on law firms and legislatures to reform #TheCode of family law and make it harder for nefarious parents to use the ‘silver bullet’ false allegations of domestic violence to ruin husband’s and father’s.

In 2000, she started her own non-profit called Center for Parental Responsibility (CPR) an all-volunteer organization headquartered in MN.
In 2005, she then became a divorce mediator, qualified by the MN Supreme Court and in 2013 co-founded Leading Women for Shared Parenting (headquartered in Washington, DC).

For 21 years, she has juggled her career as a consultant and mediator, along side her passion and commitment as a volunteer to fulfill the CPR family law reform mission – which is: to remove the obstacles that prevent both parents from being fully and equally involved in the lives of their children.