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Episode 60: Janice Fiamengo

Janice Fiamengo retired in 2019 from her position as Professor of English at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and now lives in Vancouver with her husband, David Solway. She is a men's advocate and critic of feminism. She had a long-running YouTube series called The Fiamengo File that received a permanent ban from YouTube, and she has recently begun The Fiamengo File 2.0 about the history of feminism in order to demonstrate that feminism was never about equality. In this episode, we chat about the history of feminism, the differential treatment of men and women under the law, the Me Too movement, and much more!

Top Takeaways: -Feminism was founded on principles that advocate for the moral inferiority of men, disparging men, and trying to remove them from all forms of power. -Life throughout history was extremely difficult for both women and men, but the focus always seems to be on women. -Men are imprisoned and punished much more harshly for the same crimes that women commit. -Feminism seeks to undermine the family unit.