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Episode 54: Douglas Murray

The War on the West continues in full swing. Amplified by the Left's assaults on education, culture, and now politics. In this episode, we chat about Douglas’ new book The War on The West, identity politics, living in an age of deconstruction, accents, American culture, and much more!

Douglas Murray is associate editor of The Spectator and is based in Britain. His latest publication, The Madness of Crowds was a bestseller and ‘book of the year’ for The Times and The Sunday Times.

His previous book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, was published by Bloomsbury in May 2017. It spent almost 20 weeks on The Sunday Times bestseller list and was a Number 1 bestseller in non-fiction. His latest book: The War on the West is already a New York Times bestseller and was published this past April.