CPU Board Members

Greg Ellis


Greg Ellis, founder of Monkey Toes Studio, is a published author, tv director, Annie Award nominated voice artist and Emmy Award® nominated actor. He has appeared in Oscar winning movies, directed Hollywood super-stars, produced and written television shows and commercials, performed leading roles on Broadway, voiced iconic cartoon characters and over 120 video games.

Andrew Bishop


Andrew Bishop is Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the Brave Road. He is an award-winning senior media executive and producer of film and television with decades of experience. Winner of the Strategy Innovation Awards, “Chief Strategy Officer of the Year” and an active National voting member of the Television Academy and Producers Guild of America.

Mike McCormick

Treasurer & Executive Director

Mike McCormick brings over 20 years of non-profit experience to CPU, serving in both board and executive capacities with several entities. His family law background resulted in numerous collaborations with policy makers and legislative bodies around the nation. McCormick appearances, articles and quotes have been carried by diverse media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, the Lo s Angeles and NY Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, MSNBC, the Bill Handel Show, Larry King and many others.

Molly K Olson


Molly Olson is founder and co-founder of several organizations (Center for Parental Responsibility and Leading Women for Shared Parenting). Molly has a background in business consulting specializing in corporate inside sales start-ups, communication, conflict resolution, and sales training. In 2005 she became a MN Rule 114 court qualified mediator (F.A.I.R. Solutions).