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CPU Communication

The CPU team is building an I.P. pedagogy of interpersonal communication workshops inspired by the works of Dr. Warren Farrell’s Couples Communication, Sue Johnson, John Gottman, Pia Melody, Dr. Katrina Wood, Ester Perell, Dr. Gary David, The Meadows Institute, Hoffman and other notable behavioral institutions.

CPU Mediation

CPU's vision is to provide mediation services to help parties manage and resolve conflict in a way that will achieve mutually satisfying results. Mediation will guide amicable dialogue with the aim to preserve the relationships as much as appropriate and needed, to ensure ongoing collaboration and cooperation. CPU is dedicated to client-centered, needs-based, goal-directed, child-focused, processes and outcomes that look to the future instead of dwelling on the past. CPU mediation facilitates a process to ensure both parties are heard and understood, and equally valued and respected. Mediation will help parties consider options, solve problems on their own, and creatively reach win-win solutions that are acceptable to all parties in dispute. Mediators do not provide solutions or make decisions. The mediators will empower the parties to work together amicably to create their best possible solutions based on the unique circumstances of the parties, and their own definition of fairness. The process may create education and awareness of new methods that will help parties prevent future conflict. CPU mediation is a non-legal process that allow parties to gain more self-control and take personal responsibility to resolve their dispute amicably. Mediation is often sought because parties have a desire to minimize the expense and uncertainty of litigation, lawyers, and the courts.

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CPU’s Affordable Family Law (AFL) program is dedicated to reshaping the practice of family law in America. Its mission is to provide litigants competent, cost effective access to the family courts. AFL’s goal is to provide self-represented individuals with the tools, advice and documents needed to effectively manage the numerous legal aspects of a family law case, from case initiation to completion. AFL has developed a unique proven business model that provides individuals high quality case management services at a fraction of the traditional costs associated with domestic relations litigation.

As AFL extends services across the nation we will positively impact the practice of family law and preserve more of a family’s assets for the benefit of the family. We expect our methods of operation to continue to reduce conflict among litigants while preserving relationships between children and parents.